“I was sold oncet before I left Virginia. Den I was brung down to
Alabama and sold from de block for $1,000 to Mr. Sam Rainey, at Camp
Hill, Ala. I still worked in de fields, but I would cook for de white
folks and hope around de Big House on special ’casions. Our overseer was
Mr. Green Ross, and he was a bad one, too. Mean, my goodness! He’d whup
you in a minute. He’d put you in de buck, tie your feet and den set out
to whup you right.

“He would get us slaves up ’fore day, blowing on his big horn, and us
would work ’twell plumb dark. All de little niggers’d get up, too, and
go up to de Big House to be fed from wooden bowls. Den dey’d be called
ag’in ’fore us come from de fields and put to bed by dark. I useta stop
by de spring house to get de milk, it was good cold too, and tote it up
to de Big House for dinner.



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