When the slaves left the fields, they returned to their cabins and after preparing     and eating of their evening meal they gathered around a cabin to sing and     moan songs seasoned with African melody. Then to the tune of an old fiddle     they danced a dance called the “Green Corn Dance” and “Cut the Pigeon Wing.”     Sometimes the young men on the plantation would slip away to visit a girl     on another plantation. If they were caught by the “Patrols” while on these     visits they would be lashed on the bare backs as a penalty for this offense.     

    A whipping post was used for this purpose. As soon as one slave was whipped,     he was given the whip to whip his brother slave. Very often the lashes would     bring blood very soon from the already lacerated skin, but this did not stop     the lashing until one had received their due number of lashes.



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