As a child Rebecca [mulatto slave girl] learned to ape the ways of her mistress. At first this     was considered very amusing. Whenever she had not knitted her required number     of socks during the week, she simply informed them that she had not done it     because she had not wanted to- besides she was not a “nigger.” This stubbornness     accompanied by hysterical tantrums continued to cause Rebecca to receive many     stiff punishments that might have been avoided. Her master had given orders     that no one was ever to whip her, so devious methods were employed to punish     her, such as marching her down the road with hands ties behind her back, or     locking her in a dark room for several hours with only bread and water.

     Rebecca resembled very much a daughter of William Lowe. The girl was really     her aunt, and very conscious of the resemblance. Both had brown eyes and long     dark hair. They were about the same height and the clothes of the young mistress     fitted Rebecca “like a glove.” To offset this likeness, Rebecca’s hair was     always cut very short. Finally Rebecca rebelled at having her hair all cut     off and blankly refused to submit to the treatment any longer. After this     happening, the girls formed a dislike for each other, and Rebecca was guilty     of doing every mean act of which she was capable to torment the white girl.     Rebecca’s mother aided and abetted her in this, often telling her things to     do. Rebecca did not fear the form of punishment administered her and she had     the cunning to “keep on the good side of the master” who had a fondness for     her “because she was so much like the Lowes.” The mistress’ demand that she     be sold or beaten was always turned aside with “Dear, you know the child can’t     help it; its that cursed Cherokee blood in her.”


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