In the course of years Mr. Jamison married again.  His second wife was a  veritable terror.  She was always read and anxious to whip a slave for the  least misdemeanor.  The master told Mary and her mother that before he would  take a chance of them running away on account of her meanness he would leave  her.  As soon as he would leave the house this was a signal for his wife to  start on a slave.  One day, with a kettle of hot water in her hand, she  chased Mary, who ran to another plantation and hid there until the good  master returned.  She then poured out her troubles on him.  He was very  indignant and remonstrated his wife for being so cruel.  She met her fate in  later years;  her son-in-law becoming very angry at some of her doings in  regard to his shot her, which resulted in her death.  Instead of mourning,  everybody seemed to rejoice, for the menace to well being had been removed.  



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