The greatest event in the life of a slave was about to occur, and the most  sorrowful in the life of a mster, FREEDOM was at hand.  A Negro was seen  coming in the distance, mounted upon a mule, approaching Mr. Jamison who  stood upon the porch.  He told him of the liberation of the slaves.  Mr.  Jamison had never before been heard to curse, but this was the one day that  he let go a torrent of words that are unworthy to appear in print.  He then  broke down and cried like a slave who was being bashed by his cruel master.   He called Mary’s mother and father, Phyliss and Sandy, “I ain’t go no more  to do with you, you are free,”  he said, “if you want o stay with me you may  and I’ll give you one-third of what you mise.”  They decided to stay.  When  the crop was harvested the master did not do as he promised.  He gave them  nothing.  Mary slipped away, mounted the mule “Mustang” and galloed away at  the mules snail speed to Newnansville where she related what happened to a  Union captain.  He gave her a letter to give to Mr. Jamison.  In it he  reminded him that if he didn’t give Mary’s family what he had promised he  would be put in jail.  Without hesitation the old master compiled with these  pungent orders.

After this incident Mary and her family left the good old boss to seek a new  abode in other parts.  This was the first time that the master had in any  way displayed any kind of unfairness toward them, perhaps it was a reaction  to having to liberate them.



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