In South Jacksonville, on the Spring Glen Road lives Douglas Dorsey, an ex-slave,     born in Suwannee County, Florida in 1851, fourteen years prior to freedom.     His parents Charlie and Anna Dorsey were natives of Maryland and free people.     In those days, Dorsey relates there were people known as “Nigger Tenders”     who used any subterfuge to catch Negroes and sell them into slavery. There     was one Jeff Davis who was known as a professional “Nigger Trader,” his slave     boat docked in the slip at Maryland and Jeff Davis and his henchmen went out     looking for their victims. Unfortunately, his mother Anna and his father were     caught one night and were bound and gagged and taken to Jeff Davis’ boat which     was waiting in the harbor, and there they were put into stocks. The boat stayed     in port until it was loaded with Negroes, then sailed for Florida where Davis     disposed of his human cargo.

    Douglas Dorsey’s parents were sold to Colonel Louis Matair, who had a large     plantation that was cultivated by 85 slaves. Colonel Matair’s house was of     the pretentious southern colonial type which was quite prevalent during that     period. The colonel had won his title because of his participation in the     Indian War in Florida. He was the typical wealthy southern gentleman, and     was very kind to his slaves. His wife, however was just the opposite. She     was exceedingly mean and could easily be termed a tyrant.

    There were several children in the Matair family and their home and plantation     were located in Suwannee County, Florida.



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