Mrs. Matair being a very cruel woman, would whip the slaves herself for any     misdemeanor. Dorsey recalls an incident that is hard to obliterate from his     mind, it is as follows: Dorsey’s mother was called by Mrs. Matair, not hearing     her, she counties with her duties, suddenly Mrs. Matair burst out in a frenzy     of anger over the woman not answering. Anna explained that she did not hear     her call, thereupon Mrs. Matair seized a large butcher knife and struck at     Anna, attempting to ward off the blow, Anna received a long gash on the arm     that laid her up for some time. Young Douglas was a witness to this brutal     treatment of his mother and he at that moment made up his mind to kill his     mistress. He intended to put atnychnine that was used to kill rats into her     coffee that he usually served her. Fortunately freedom came and saved him     of this act which would have resulted in his death.

    He relates another incident in regard to his mistress as follows: To his mother     and father was born a little baby boy, whose complexion was rather light.     Mrs. Matair at once began accusing Colonel Matair as being the father of the     child. Naturally the colonel denied, but Mrs. Matair kept harassing him about     it until he finally agreed to his wife’s desire and sold the child. It was     taken from its mother’s breasts at the age of eight months and auctioned off     on the first day of January to the highest bidder. The child was bought y     a Captain Ross and taken across the Suwannee River into Hamilton County. Twenty     years later he was located by his family, he was a grown man, married and     farming.



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