Young Douglas had the task each morning of carrying the Matair children’s     books to school. Willie, a boy of eight would teach Douglas what he learned     in school; finally Douglas learned the alphabet and numbers. In some way Mrs.     Matair learned that Douglas was learning to read and write. One morning after     breakfast she called her son Willie to the dining room where she was seated     and then sent for Douglas to come there too. She then took a quill pen the     kind used at that time, and began writing the alphabet and numerals as far     as ten. Holding the paper up to Douglas, she asked him if he knew what they     were; he proudly answered in the affirmative, not suspecting anything. She     then asked him to name the letters and numerals, which he did, she then asked     him to write them, which he did. When he reached the number ten, very proud     of his learning, she struck him a heavy blow across the face, saying to him     “If I ever catch you making another figure anywhere I’ll cut off your right     arm.” Naturally Douglas and also her son Willie were much surprised as each     thought what had been done was quite an achievement. She then called Mariah,     the cook to bring a rope and tying the two of them to the old colonial post     on the front porch, she took a chair and sat between the two, whipping them     on their naked backs for such a time, that for two weeks their clothes stuck     to their backs on the lacerated flesh.

    To ease the soreness, Willie would steal grease from the house and together     they would slip into the barn and grease each other’s backs.



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