McCook’s Cavalry did not remain in Tallahassee very long and was replaced    by a colored company: the 99th Infantry. Their duty was to maintain order    within    the town. An orchestra was with the outfit and Willis remembers that they    were very good musicians. A Negro who had been the slave of a man of Tallahassee    was a member of the orchestra. His name was Singleton and his former master    invited the orchestra to come to his house and play for the family. The Negroes    were glad to render service, want, and after that entertained many white    families    in their homes.

The southern soldiers who returned after the war appeared to receive their    defeat as good sports and not as much friction between the races existed    as would be imagined. The ex-slave, while he was glad to be free, wanted    to be sheltered under the wings of    his former master and mistress. In most cases they were hired by their former    owners and peace reigned around the home or plantation. This was true of    Tallahassee, if not of other sections of the south.


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