1/11 — October 1862, 6 items.6 letters dated October 1862, to his wife containing references to the battle of the Hatchie or Davis’ Bridge on October 5, 1862, and carrying the flag during the fight; the rebels of the south and the abolitionists of the north being the men who had done everything in their power to bring about civil war; the abolitionists loving the “nigger” better than they loved white men, and distracting the country and dividing the north by their “fanaticisms and extravagant political dogmas;” free white men of the north never tolerating the “nigger element” among them; believing that while the Negro was among them his “proper element” was slavery, and that the Negro was “socially and morally unfit to mingle with white people;” “traitors” in responsible positions doing all they could to keep the war going as long as possible;  and having no doubt that many of the Union generals deserved to be shot as much as Jefferson Davis and P.G.T. Beauregard.



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