I live in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area and the idea that no one knows why the older white man shot the innocent black child is inaccurate and shows some areas in Dallas Police that needs to be addressed (and the police chief is black and does not tolerate racism as he has fired some white officers in the past, so we all need to make sure he gets wind of why I am about to say).

The truth from credible direct sources is that the older white man is in fact very racist and seemed to want any slightest reason to shoot at a black person. This child was simply playing outside by himself as his mother was getting her hair done by my source. The child said as he was playing in the driveway area near his apt, the white man, out of the blue, told him to “stay out the street, little c–n N–r.” The boy, who listens to everything his mother says and is very calm and obedient, kinda laughed and said, “I’m not a N–a. my momma said not to use that word.” Then the white man became angry, and said, “boy are you mocking me?” He then pulled out his gun and shot the boy. The boy did not cry, but held his jaw, which was broken and dislodged by the bullet, and ran into the house. He tried to explain and said the white man outside shot me, but his mom became angry before he could finish, and grabbed a butcher knife to go after the guy (who did not live there but was visiting a white lady who lives in the apt complex). At some point, the blood flow increased, and he was taken to the hospital.

So I want everyone in the Dallas area to put pressure on the police dept to upgrade or add the charge of hate crime to this senseless tragedy, and all those whites who keep saying whites don’t do violence to blacks need to look in the mirror and stop this racial hatred that comes from Hell! I will be using my blog and my voice to keep the pressure up on this case, which is worse than the Trayvon Martin case as this guy had no excuse of being a security guard or anything of authority. This is pure, 100% racism of the worst kind and will not be tolerated. Follow my blogs.


One thought on “White Man Calls Young Black Boy the N Word For No Reason, Then Shoots Him in the Head

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