By Voice of Truth.

When it comes to race in America, there is usually plenty of blame to go around from all sides: the racist, the person who is the target of the racism, and the occasional middle man who stirs up trouble between races for darker, more sinister purposes. Regardless, it has become much easier for white Americans to say there is no racism in this country when:

1. The majority of police officers, district attorneys and judges are white like them
2. Nearly all of their neighbors in their communities are white like them
3. Nearly all of their co-workers in their mostly white-run companies are white like them
4. Over 90% of prime time television actors are white like them
5. Over 95% of billboards and other public advertisement contain images of white faces like them
6. The vast majority of travel industry pros who take them to their business and leisure destinations are white like them
7. Nearly 100% of top offices in federal government, including Congress, are white like them
8. American history, in publicly funded and private schools favor the white view of history
9. The color black is associated with evil and white is associated with good, and so on.

To non-whites, all of the above is a reminder that racism still exists. Sadly, a majority of whites have probably stopped reading this by now because they associate this with a broader agenda to use “political correctness” to demonize whites. We are keenly aware of that red herring and can assure the reader that is not at all the purpose of this article. Not at all trying to pull the race card, just pointing out a very tragic reality for non-whites in this country. The love of Jesus Christ should instill a sense of empathy in all of us of all races to be there for our fellow man, regardless of skin color.

If advertisers incorporate too many non whites in their ads and commercials, a silent majority of whites would ignore the ads or change the channel.

If prime time TV shows reflect too many non whites, show producers know that most whites would change the channel in the comfort of their own homes.

If all white or majority white schools start enrolling too many non whites, whites would simply move out of the school district gradually.

If apartments allow too many non whites to rent units, particularly units in the front buildings near the leasing office, the landlords know that many whites would avoid renting from them. So some landlords are tempted to implement subtle or overt methods to keep non white faces near the back of the complex, or to dissuade non whites from renting there altogether, as we read about in the Donald Sterling LA Clippers case.

If top night clubs start allowing too many non whites, the club owners know that most white patrons would not return; so the owners would come up with subtle strategies such as dress codes and “whiter” music selections to reduce the number of non whites. Some restaurants do this, too. Some sports teams have done similar strategies to cater to white males, as was exhibited by the Atlanta Hawks NBA team owner.

If white places of worship allow too many non whites to sit in the sanctuary, the religious leaders know that many white members would quietly leave, thus affecting tithes and offerings.

If a city government has too many non whites, white flight would happen.

This list can go on and on, but these are the outcomes of varying degrees of racism in America. So the strategic goal for improving race relations in America in this day and age is not necessarily the total eradication of racism, because that’s impossible for humans; but the reduction of the degrees of racism. On a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 is minimal racism and 10 is the ugliest racism horror, society should strive towards 1. An outcome of 2 or 3 would even be great. Some areas of America are better on this scale than others. More love and less hate from all members of society will help achieve this objective. The tactical details are up to each of us.


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