American history has not been taught accurately at all, and everyone who took such a course, should seriously re-read the truth about not only the cruelties of the Trans-Atlantic African Slave Trade in Western countries prior to the American Civil War, but also the untold systematic enslavement of German citizens right after Hollywood propaganda glossed over the end of the dark World War II era with a “The End” blessing of America as a hero. There is considerable proof that the horrors of American slavery before Emancipation was a precursor (or practice) to the extreme atrocities of the world wars.

France, according to the International Red Cross, had 680,000 former German soldiers slaving for her in August, 1946. 475,000 of their number had been captured by the United States and later turned over to the French for forced labor.[10] French treatment of her slave subjects is revolting to the civilized conscience. In an article entitled, “We Should Not Resemble Them,” FIGARO

In certain camps for German prisoners of war . . . living skeletons may be seen, almost like those in German concentration camps, and deaths from undernourishment are numerous. We learn that prisoners have been savagely and systematically beaten and that some have been employed in removing mines without protection equipment so that they have been condemned to die sooner or later.

The British Government nets over $250,000,000 annually from its slaves. The Government, which frankly calls itself the “owner” of the prisoners, hires the men out to any employer needing men, charging the going rates of pay for such work – usually $15 to $20 per week. It pays the slaves from 10 cents to 20 cents a day, depending on the character of the work required, plus such “amenities” as slaves customarily received in the former days of slavery in the form of clothing, food, and shelter.[21] The prisoners are never paid in cash, but are given credits, either in the form of vouchers for camp post exchange items or credits against the time when they will be liberated. In March 1946, 140,000 prisoners were working on farms, for which the Government collected $14 a week per prisoner, 24,000 on housing and bomb damage clearance, 22,000 on railroads, mostly as section hands, the balance at odd jobs, such as digging weeds out of the Thames river or serving as menials for GI brides awaiting shipment to America.[22]

In the summer of 1946 an increasing number of prisoners were escaping from

British slave camps with British civilian aid. Accounts of the chases by military

police are reminiscent of pre-Civil War pursuits of fleeing negro fugitives.[24] By mid-September public indignation had risen to such a pitch that the British War Office announced that plans were under way to release 15,000 slaves per month,

with preference given those displaying “genuine democratic” convictions. Army

officers and important Nazis would not be repatriated under the plan. However,

promises were made to improve conditions in the camps.[25]

A Red Cross observer condemns the enslavement in these words:

“It is an iniquitous system and an evil precedent because it is wide open for

abuses with difficulty in establishing responsibility. German soldiers were not

common law convicts – they were drafted to fight in a national army on patriotic

grounds and could not refuse military service any more than the Americans

could. It is manifestly unjust to buy and sell them for political reasons as the African Negroes were a century ago.”[31]

via U.S., France, Britain, and Soviet Russia Practiced Systematic Slavery and Horror-Movie Style Torture Right After WWII | Demonic News Network – Extreme Evil in the World (Warning: 18+ Please).

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