Let’s face it. The form of slavery as practiced by America and Europe was the worst in world history, according to black militant Christian leader David Walker way back in the 1830s. He studied various forms of slavery going back to ancient history, particularly Roman and Greek forms of slavery. He found American slavery to be very evil, dehumanizing and pernicious. A lot of people didn’t know of David Walker, but his brave and bold trip from the freedom of New England to the Southern states (where he faced danger regularly) paved the way for popular sentiment against slavery which would lead to the Civil War in the early 1860s. Abraham Lincoln tapped into this popular sentiment and, though no overwhelming mandate to convince him it would be a breeze to subdue the South, he galvanized the Northern forces to force an end to slavery.

But was that all there was to the Civil War?

Most of us forget about the wickedness of the love of money. The puppet masters who run the United States were not simply going to risk tearing apart their juggernaut of wealth which became the U.S. certainly not over slaves. But they will risk much of it if they could create a much bigger wealth engine which immediately became the Industrial Revolution and the rise of the Oil Age. It is no coincidence that industry and oil rose in the 1850s and 60s due to technological advances across the board in parallel to the Civil War era. But also, right around the same time, Marxism began to lay the groundwork for Communism, which would war against independent farmers, preferring instead a collectivist approach to farm ownership and dependence of the proletariat on the State. Each Southern plantation was too independent, which explains why the really evil plantation owners had impunity to torture and rape slaves.

But the leaders of the industrial, oil and Marxist era didn’t care about that (WWI and WWII are testaments to the true evils of raw Communism). The puppet masters instead set about destroying the independence of farmers and plantations, white and black owned. The bankers, who built their greedy investment houses on the backs of slaves as we mentioned in previous articles, set about destroying this independence by offering “loans” to expand independent farms with the products of the new industrial age. Drug salesmen also came along and offered white pills to replace the natural herbal remedies that the slaves used routinely. So on a number of fronts, these puppet masters sought to destroy all forms of independence across racial lines, and Southern plantations was one of those institutions that had to go. It just so happens this goal also was the goal of slaves and anti slavery whites, but the puppet masters loved money far more than both groups, and only played up the common goal to get their way. This is definitely no apologist attempt on behalf of Southern States because, if they were smart, they should have tried to use technology to end slavery first before the puppet masters did it their way. Thankfully, slavery ended, but black independence took a hit decades later as we saw with the destruction that the same puppet masters did against black oases like Black Wall Street and others. The puppet masters are the ones who created the conditions that led to the bloody riots of 1919-1921, which sought to end black independence (some argue the white investment in groups like the NAACP in 1908 also helped end black independence).


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