This blog is dedicated to the memory of the countless number of African slaves and their descendants in America, the Caribbean and Europe who were brutally mutilated, raped, beheaded, amputated, branded on the skin and in their mouths with hot iron, torn to pieces by dogs, framed for murders committed by their masters, hanged, forced to divorce as couples were sold into separate slavery, forced to leave their children or have their children sold like animals to demons, robbed of income and wealth during their lives and when they did die, their masters submitted ‘life insurance’ like claims from the state for property loss leaving survivors with nothing. And to those slaves who were defrauded by slave owners when, after saving months and years for freedom, the slave masters would trick them out of their money with promises of buying freedom. To those slaves who were drowned when they tried to escape to freedom. May the Lord God exact vengeance on your behalf as America then and now has lied to the world about the extent of horrors visited on you. May this blog keep the flame of justice burning for them.


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