Disney has denied the workers’ claims. “We have a rigorous process in place to thoroughly and independently review any and all workplace issues,” spokeswoman Kim Prunty said in an emailed statement. “These lawsuits are baseless and without merit.”Camelia Joseph has a trial set for this summer. A black Haitian woman who works at Disney as a security guard, Joseph says in her lawsuit she applied for a job in 2010 as an emergency coordinator but the position went to a white man with less experience and education. Her lawsuit alleges that after she complained to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, she was reprimanded and “subjected to intense scrutiny on the job.””After I filed against the company with the EEOC, everything turned upside down,” said Joseph, who has started an online fundraiser for her legal bills.

via Disney hit by security-worker lawsuits – Orlando Sentinel.


Two security workers have filed lawsuits against Disney World, claiming they were subjected to racial and religious discrimination.

Moroccan Muslim Nabil Boromi, who worked in the Florida theme park as a plain clothes operative, claims Arabic patrons were treated with greater suspicion whenever they entered the park

According to his lawsuit he was also told to watch black customers when on duty because they had ‘committed a lot of retail thefts’.

Camelia Joseph, a black Haitian woman, alleges that a white man with less experience and education was hired as emergency worker over here in 2010.

See more at: http://www.detroitnewstime.com/regional/93674-disney-world-sued-by-security-workers-claiming-they-were-discriminated-against.html#sthash.Wj9AHqIL.dpuf



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